Ravi Naik

Ravi Naik

Ravi is the Head of Public Law and Public International Law at ITN Solicitors.

Ravi has developed a range of expertise in public law, judicial review and international law.

In 2017 Ravi was nominated in the Law Society's Excellence Awards and the Legal Aid Lawyer Awards. He is also mentioned in the prestigous Legal 500 in the Human Rights & Civil Liberties section.

His practice encompasses a wide range of areas including national security, privacy, data and information law, European law, fair trial rights, regulatory judicial review, civil claims against central government departments and claims against private entities performing public duties.

Ravi is regularly instructed on high-profile and precedent setting litigation. Recent highlights of his practice include challenges to diplomatic immunity, a successful challenge to the Home Office’s practice of systematically imposing curfews on migrants without lawful authority and a successful challenge to the Disclosure and Barring Service regime. These cases often lead to appeals, which have given ITN’s public law team a wealth of experience the Court of Appeal and Supreme Court. Ravi has also litigated regularly in the international tribunals and regional courts, including the International Criminal Court and European Court of Human Rights.

Ravi is instructed by a range of clients, from individual clients to NGOs and action groups to international state actors. Having a wide and varied range of clients means that he is able to lend his expertise to the various public law challenges that clients may face.

Ravi has a particular interest in data protection. In an age where non-state actors are taking an increasing role in controlling data, Ravi has developed a niche expertise in advising clients on how to challenge the misuse of personal information. He is regularly sought to provide commentary in the media on rights protection in the digital age.

Ravi undertakes legal aid work and is also able to represent clients on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis where appropriate. He has experience of advising on costs and funding issues for both individuals and groups and can help guide clients through complex litigation with confidence in the strategy and costs associated. He also regularly advises organisations and groups on litigation strategy to further policy objectives and on related media strategy.

Prior to joining ITN, Ravi worked at Reprieve and the International Commission of Jurists. Ravi joined ITN in 2010 and qualified as a solicitor with the firm in 2013.

Ravi was short-listed for both the Law Society Excellence Awards and the LAPG Legal Aid Lawyer of the Year Awards in 2017, as Junior Lawyer of the Year.


Prominent Cases

  • FJP et al v SSFCO Challenge to the grant of Special Mission Immunity;
  • Anon v Director of Public Prosecutions – Represented the Claimant in judicial review proceedings concerning the application and breadth of immunity of serving ministers;
  • Mohamed & CF v SSHD – Court of Appeal precedent on constitutional principles of open justice and abuse of process in civil proceedings. Currently pending before the Supreme Court;
  • CF v Security Service & OrsHigh profile civil claim alleged UK complicity in unlawful detention, mistreatment and rendition. Involved complex questions of jurisdiction and choice of laws;
  • Gedi v SSHD Challenge to the legality of curfews on individuals released from immigration detention, before the Court of Appeal. Worked with numerous NGO’s in the litigation;
  • Zakir Naik v SSHD – Court of Appeal decision on legitimate expectation and fettered discretion an immigration context. Advising the Claimant, an international recognised high value client;
  • LK v the Independent Monitor – Successful challenge to “non-conviction” disclosure on DBS certificate;
  • SH- Acting for a victim of human trafficking, successfully challenging the Home Office’s failure to recongise the circumstances of trafficking and to the Crown Prosecution Service’s decision to prosecute SH for acts that occurred during trafficking;
  • G3 v SSHD – Appeal against deprivation of citizenship. Currently before the Special Immigration Appeals Commission (SIAC);
  • Jollah v SSHD – Test case on the parameters of false imprisonment;
  • Regularly instructed by a range of clients for unlawful disclosure of private information;
  • Acting for a number of clients in litigation against Thompson Reuter’s database, World Check;
  • Solicitor for Million Women Rise, challenging the “pay to protest” decisions of the Metropolitan Police and local Councils;
  • Recently instructed on a high profile Judicial Review following a public inquiry, to prevent release of the outcome report on ‘Maxwellisation’ grounds. Successfully challenged the Prime Minister on an expedited basis, resulting in a favourable settlement on behalf of our client group;
  • Particular expertise in judicial reviews relating to export licences for military equipment. Currently instructed by international clients to challenge the grant of international export licence by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills;
  • Currently instructed on judicial review concerning the interpretation of EU law in domestic Courts;
  • Instructed on proceedings against a private contractor performing public functions. Case involved the liability of private companies using public law principles. Case settled out of Court in favour of our client;
  • Regularly advise a variety of groups on public procurement and related public law principles;
  • Often instructed on cases concerning the Freedom of Information Act and the Data Protection Act, including claims for damages for breaches of that legislation;
  • Regularly instructed by clients that have their passport revoked under prerogative powers or seized by the police. Currently litigating judicial review challenges in the High Court.
  • Providing legal and diplomatic advice to the Freedom and Justice party, the former government of Egypt, following the coup d’état in Egypt in July 2013. This has involved extensive litigation before international, regional and national courts and tribunals on complex and novel matters of public international law. This litigation has utilised original legal arguments, including an unprecedented development in international judicial review.
  • Advising governments and individual clients on international legal mechanisms to seek redress for the incident aboard the Mavi Mamara aid flotilla to Gaza. Drafted applications to international tribunals in respect of this matter with Professor John Dugard S.C., involving complex matters of international law such as maritime law and jurisdiction. This draft was used by the government of the Comoros Islands in their application to the International Criminal Court.
  • Conducting fact finding missions to states and drafting reports on international legal compliance within those states, including a report in the United Arab Emirates with Geoffrey Robertson Q.C. This report was widely published.
  • Regularly litigating before regional courts, including the European Court of Human Rights and the African Commission.
  • Litigated on numerous appeals and reported cases that concern public international law.
  • Litigator on the case of R v Gul before the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom, concerning the overlap between the definition of terrorism and the implementation of international humanitarian law.
  • Regularly sought to advise governments, intergovernmental organisations, nongovernmental organisations, practitioners and academics on issues of public law, international law, international human rights and corporate social responsibility during business activities.

Ravi has forged a unique reputation as one of the leading lawyers on data protection, online security and privacy. Recent highlights of his practice include:

  • Successfully suing Reuters, for inclusion of individuals on the World Check database. Ravi has retained a wide interest in the topic of financial profiling and acts for a number of individuals and NGO’s in respect of adverse risk and financial profiling. Ravi regularly advises on the area and provides strategic advice to NGO’s on how to counter such financial profiling. Ravi is also often sought for his commentary in the media for this topic;
  • Ravi is the lead solicitor instructed in high-profile cases concerning political profiling. Ravi has been instructed to bring claims on behalf of a number of individuals concerned by their political profiling and the use of their data during numerous political events, including the use of such data by President Trump. Ravi has forged a unique understanding and appreciation of challenging the use of data and profiling in a number of diverse fields;
  • Ravi has also emerged as a leading solicitor in the use of data and apps and how to access and challenge such data. Recent examples include the high profile retrieval of data from Tinder;
  • Ravi is also regularly instructed on complaints to the Information Commissioner’s Office and to the Information Tribunal;
  • Ravi has also given data protection advice and training to a number of NGO’s and has provided advice and commentary for the Data Protection Bill;
  • Ravi also gives regular talks on the subject, to a diverse range of audiences. For example, over the last few months Ravi has spoken on data protection at the Public Law Project Annual Conference and Bluedot Festival;
  • Ravi is also sought in the media to provide commentary on this rapidly developing area of law.